Sarus Crane :

Sarus Crane
Sarus is a large nonmigratory crane. It is the tallest flying bird.It is found in southeast Asia and Australia.It is easily identify from other cranes as it has gray color of body and red head. It is very sensitive bird.Its height up to 5 ft 11 in aprox 1.8m. it is winter visitors in gujarat. It also widely spread in India West Bengal and Assam in wetland or grasslands. Sarus forge in shallow waters and muds with their long bills.Sarus crane has loud trumpeting call. Pairs may indulge in spectacular displays of calling in unison. These include dancing movements that both male and female performing outside breeding season.The nest may be aprox 2x1 m .
In gujarat lots of places u can found sarus crane. Mostly Pariej Wetland is the highest number of sarus crane counts in gujarat. Other places are Thol Bird Sanctuary , Runn of Kutch , Nalsarovar Bird sanctuary and all sanctuary surrounding areas which suits to sarus crane.