Sardar Sarovar Dam :: Kevadia Colony

The dam is on Narmada River near Kevadia Village in Gujarat. Total 30 dams planned on river Narmada but SSD(sardar sarovar dam) is biggest one and highest one . So many times there are controversial cases on 1999,2000 and 2003 but finally in 2014 the Narmada control authority approved for height changes of a dam. Narmada Dam is a gravity dam and it is a largest dam on narmada and a large hydraulic engineering and also constructions for gujarat. Near dam there are 3 different lake made and after them they made main Canal and Sub Canals for provide water for drink and irrigation in gujarat.

Benifit of Project 
The dam is 163 M height and 1210 M long . It designed for live storage capacity of Reservoir 4.75 Million Acre Feet Aprox. 5860MCM. The dam provide drinking water to 9633 villages and 131 towns so it aprox. 29 million people. The main canal and subcanals total network is 75000 km aprox. in gujarat. The dam also produce capacity of hydro power of 1450 MW . Also the subcanals water is most useful for irrigation in north and south gujarat and it covers 1.8 million hector so total farmer benefiting aprox 1 million. 
The main benefit of project is power. It provide power in three states Gujarat 16 % , Maharashtra    27 % and Madhya Pradesh 57 %.