Indian Peafowl :

Peafowl aka peacock is very beautiful bird with colorful feathers. There are two types species of peafowl found in asia one is Indian Peafowl found in India and Shri lanka and second is green peafowl found in Indochina and barma. The male known as Peacock and female known as Peahen.It has large and colorful feather with blue and green color.It average life is 20 years.Its body about to 35 to 50 inch long and the tail is about 5 ft long.It is the largest flying bird.Peafowl are mostly found in forest.  

The peacock is the mount of Lord Kartikeya.Peafowl are eat mostly plant parts,seeds,flowers and insects etc.They put their nest on ground  but roost in trees. Above photo is Female peafowl (peahen).

A beautiful color of neck and head with crown on his head. Thats why no doubt it is a really likes to all. It is also The National Bird of India. Male Photo taken at Corbett National Park and female taken at Thol Bird Sanctuary.