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How to Choose Your Camera 

                      Now a days photography is faster growing passion all over the world. Lots of people don't know how to choose their camera. To choose your camera just keep in mind some things that what you want either Digital Camera or DSLR Camera. Now a days DSLR camreas are generally the peoples choice but i suggest u first decide your goal.

               If you want to do only family photography like vacations , tours, kids ,home etc. i suggest u to buy only Digital camera mean point and shoot bcz DSLR cameras are really not for these types of photography u can use. Also Digital camera are light weight and easy to carry and handle.
              If you want to do some extra than family photography then some high model of digital cameras also available in the market so u can go for it also or some basic DSLR camera models u can select.

               But if u want to do some serious and professional photography then you can go for High model of DSLR camera. Before you select your camera just decide ur needs and what type of photography you want to do then go for it. Also you fix your budget of spend in camera then go for those models in your range.

After you select your range and type then go for comparison of different models and brands.In Digital Camera and DSLR camera you can find various types of brands and models and they upgrade their models every one and two years may be. Find and match your interest of photography and select your camera. Some brands are selling cheaper compare to other brand with same features but before u buy go for user review in different sites.

               Here some brands i can suggest u for Digital and Dslr Cameras


               I am using DSLR Camera of Canon. I have two models of canon DSLR one is basic and second is high. I bought First Canon 1000D Cropped sensor Camera then after 3-4 years i upgrade my camera body with Full Frame Canon 6D as my interest of wild life and nature photography.