B & W :: Art & Abstract

B & W :: Art,Abstract & Pattern
 One year ago i prefer to shoot birds and little bit of landscapes. After visit corbett national park this year i had changed in my mind that there are lots of things surround by me to shoot but i dont shoot them.Now a days i trying to shoot all kind of photos. Art and abstract these two themes are very tough to shoot specially art and pattern.You have to think lot to frame ur photo into art , abstract and pattern.
The above image is of Greater Flemingos at Thol Bird Sanctuary,Gujarat.This is simple image but when u look carefully all flemingos heads r down side so that image become important and uncommon.

 A tree leaf shoot opposite sunlight become b&W and i like it most bcz of the light border of the leaf. its create image shine.
 This leafs r in a row so my camera automatically went to shoot them.its create pattern.
 Abstract of Tree trunk in different layers.
 Tree trunk Abstract.
Finally a tree without leaf creates pattern.