Corbett Landscape

Corbett Landscape 
      Corbett national park is one of the greatest national park for landscape and mammals.Dhikala zone is one of  the best zone for landscape photography  and also for Asiatic elephant photography.You can find here everything what u need in landscape photos.The mountains, river,trees, tree trunk, grassland etc. All things in a good layer so u can frame colorful photos.  

 The black and white image in landscape make different image.

 The river with mountains in a background.
 Try for getting sun shades on trees for better picture.
 This time i try one subject in landscape.the foreground of these picture is sharp and my rest of the picture of landscape is little bit blur still it looks nice. 

 The way to Dhikala rest house.


  1. India is a famous tourist destination across the world. Corbett is situated the north region of India and one of the popular tourist places in India. There are many popular places in this state to visit for visitors like Corbett National Park, Wildlife Corbett Resort and more.

  2. Very beautiful pictures. Corbett (Jim Corbett) National park was the first tiger reserve under the Project Tiger in India. It is an abode for many majestic animals like the Asiatic Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger and many other wild animals. Exhilarating terrain, streams and rivers portrays the bounty of nature in this land. Check out more about Jim Corbett National Park.


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