Himachal Pradesh Birds :: Manali Birds

 Birds Of Manali 
I went to manali traking on may 6th 2013.It was wonderful experience to visit Himalayan Mountains By walk.I specieally go for birding their.I found more than 35-40 species of new and different birds.
First day our base camp is Dobhi. Second day Kharogi .Third day Naya Tapru. Forth day Nathan Sheri and back to dobhi.The most route i like Naya tapru to nathan sheri. I found gud species of birds at Naya Tapru at 10,000 Ft height. Also a beautiful panoramic view of himalayan Mountains.

Spotted Dove

Slaty-headed Parakeet

Yellow-billed Blue Magpie

Yellow-billed Blue Magpie

 Russet Sparrow


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