Singalila National Park ::: West Bengal

Singalila park is located in the Dargeeling district of West Bengal.It is at an altitude of almost 7000 ft above sea level.I visit singalila park on 6-12 nov 2012 participating in Nature wanderers.It was a wonderful time to spend with the wild life photography experts Shivang Mehta(Delhi), Tejas soni(Gujarat) and Shantanu prasad(Kolkata).I participate first time in wild life photography tour and had a great experience.

              Singalila national park is a bird sanctuary.A track route from Manebhanjan - Guiribus - Sandakhphu covers singalila park.Guiribus is a base of  very rar Red Panda but v r not very lucky to catch them. Weather is awesome to guiribus.5 am sunrise u can see and at 3 pm u can see the clouds take charge as seen above picture.After 3-4 pm u cant get sunlight.Also a big problems at these places of lights. They have only solar lights. 
 Sandakhaphu is almost 11700 ft height.Such a great place it is as per location and weather.We stay at border of Nepal-India. 


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