Kanchenjunga Mountain

 Kangchenjunga Mountain 
It is the third highest mountain in the world.Its about 28,169 ft height and located along the Nepal-India border in the Himalayas.It contains 5 peaks and four of them above 27,700 ft of heights. Kanchenjunga is also name of surrounding section of Himalayas and means THE FIVE TREASURES OF SNOWS .

The name kangchenjunga is derived from sanskrit kanchana ganga . Kanchana means gold and ganga is the river which flows in the region. The river shines like gold and hence the name Kanchana Ganga was given to this mountain.
When i was on a tour to Singalila National Park we have a terrific view of Kangchenjunga mountains and also other Himalayan mountains.The best view of Kangchenjunga i saw from Sandakhphu located at India-Nepal border.I also saw Mt. Everest from here. Everest is on a long distance but if weather is clear u can see it very clearly.
 At the end i catch white snow in my frame with B/W mode.