Bird : Black Drongo

Black Drongo is a small bird(Asian passerine bird) of drongo family.This bird is glossy black with wide fork to the tail. Adults have a small white spot at the base of the gape.They are aggressive and fearless bird.They feed on insects such as grasshoppers,bees,ants,dragonfly.
Black Drongos breed  in February and march.Male and female singing in the morning during the breeding season.They are found in southern Asia from Iran to India,shri lanka and china to Indonesia. They are only 28cm in length.They will attack much larger species that enter their nesting territory.
They are capable of producing a wide range common calls.
Picture taken at Thol Lake in december 2011 when i am looking on tree birds. I have not a full shot of drongo that i missed.
Local names :: Buchanga , Pakistan :: Thampal, Hindi : Kotwal(policeman),Oriya :Kajalapati,Bengali : Finga