Candle Light


Now a days we don't work without light. Light is a part of our life now. Candles are used to remove darkness when light was not invented. Now a days we use them in a candle light dinner most. Candle is a solid block of wax which provide light. The hottest part of the flame is just above dull blue part to one side of the flame.The flame is about 1400 °C at this point. The average temperature is about 1000 °C. At this level of technology we use light everywhere.Without light we are not walk step ahead. Candles are our only hope to remove darkness if lights are damaged. 
Photo taken at my home in Diwali 2010. Camera model canon eos 1000d with 18-55 mm lens,shutter speed 1/2000sec, 55 focal length , F/5.7, ISO-800 at 6:58 am.


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