Jasminum Multiflorum : Jasmine Flower


 Common Name : Jasmine
They are found in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia . Over 200 spices of Jasmine all over the world. For ex. Jasminum sambac, Jasminum fluminense, Jasminum dichotomum ( gold cost jasmine ) , Jasminum polyantham ( white jasmine )
This pictures are of Jasminum Officinale . It is also known as common jasminum flower. Native of this flower is somewhere in central Asia. Jasminum Officinale is also use in aromatherapy. Jasminum absolute is the king of oil . It is also use in perfumes. 

Jasminum multiflorum is the indian jasminum. There are different names of jasminum multiflorum for example Winter jasmine, Indian jasmine. The Sanskrit name is Megha Mallika.
Photo taken in the garden near my home with my canon eos 1000d and 55-250mm lens


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for adding information about this beautiful flower! We always live around it but never knew abut it.


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