Flower : Oleander


 Oleander is a common name. Its botanical name is Nerium Oleander and synonyms Oleander Indicum. It is widely grown in tropical and subtropical gardens, parks. It is also popular for its hue and fragrance.it rises up to 3 meters erect with its small branches. The flower grow in clusters at the end of each branches. They are in pink, yellow and white color.

Oleander flower has been used extensively for medicinal purposes in Mediterranean and Central and Southern Asian countries. The FDA determined that a defined Nerium oleander extract is safe enough to be administered to human by mouth.

This plants are almost free from pests and diseases. One of the oleander plant is at my home garden. All photos taken at my home. Camera model Canon EOS 1000d , Aperture priority mode with 400 ISO and lens aperture aprox. F/10.

Oleander Family : Apocynaceae