Spiders : Argiope Aemula, Garden

The Signature spider has many names worldwide.They are known as Argiope Aemula in the world. Their web r about a meter of the ground so they can catch low flying insects easily. On their body u can find yello and white zigzag strips. Most of Spider's bite is harmless to humans. Argiope Aemula is also harmless to humans. When they r stady on their web they make " X " so u can identify easily them. It is too dificult to find them because their webs are not visible easily to us as you can see in below image. I would try to catch as much sharp as i can.
I found (Argiope Aemula) Signature spider and also Garden spider in the Corbett National Park resort where i stay for two days. I found lots of spiders but most are common as u find out at our home.I can not find out the name of below spider because i can't see front side of this spider . The web of this spider is nicely architect.  
Most of male spiders are smaller then female. I can't identify them, r they male or female. After matting female will lay her eggs into a sac on a web. A sac can hold aprox. 400 to 1300 eggs inside.


  1. can i knw the name of that signature spider ?

    1. well i think there are so many of signature spiders spices ..... n unfortunately i dont know the name of this spices so very sory for that

  2. It's Argiope aemula, a native of Indian subcontinent.


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