Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Choose Camera ::

How to Choose Your Camera 

                      Now a days photography is faster growing passion all over the world. Lots of people don't know how to choose their camera. To choose your camera just keep in mind some things that what you want either Digital Camera or DSLR Camera. Now a days DSLR camreas are generally the peoples choice but i suggest u first decide your goal.

               If you want to do only family photography like vacations , tours, kids ,home etc. i suggest u to buy only Digital camera mean point and shoot bcz DSLR cameras are really not for these types of photography u can use. Also Digital camera are light weight and easy to carry and handle.
              If you want to do some extra than family photography then some high model of digital cameras also available in the market so u can go for it also or some basic DSLR camera models u can select.

Alcazar Show : Pattaya : Thailand

Alcazar show is one of the famous show in asia . It is a perfact entertainment and must visit show.Show contains everything about Art,Sound and lighting.They play all countries songs in this show. U can see marvelous combination of costumes light and songs with ultrasonic sound.The theater has lots of sitting capacity may be 1000 -1200 i think ( i dont know actual sitting ) but that is too big. They serve water or juice during show. In this show all the performers are lady boys.    

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coonoor Hill station

Coonoor Hill Station
Coonoor is a beautiful hill station located in tamilnadu in Nilgiri District.There are several view points in coonoor but among them the Dolphin's Nose is my favorite one. Lamb's Rock, Sims Park, Droog Fort, Law's Fall, Katary fall these are best view points of coonoor.The above photo is captured during the train journey between ooty and coonoor.The train is also part of enjoyment in hill station. U can see best scenery during train journey.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Mysore Palace ::

The Mysore Palace
The mysore palace located in karnataka.It is also known as Amba vilas palace.It is the official residence of  Wadiyars ( the royal family of mysore ).I had visit palace in august 2014.It is one of the most famous tourist Heritage attraction  place in india after Taj Mahal. Here above photo is front side look and below photo is front side gate.Must visit place.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

B & W :: Art & Abstract

B & W :: Art,Abstract & Pattern
 One year ago i prefer to shoot birds and little bit of landscapes. After visit corbett national park this year i had changed in my mind that there are lots of things surround by me to shoot but i dont shoot them.Now a days i trying to shoot all kind of photos. Art and abstract these two themes are very tough to shoot specially art and pattern.You have to think lot to frame ur photo into art , abstract and pattern.
The above image is of Greater Flemingos at Thol Bird Sanctuary,Gujarat.This is simple image but when u look carefully all flemingos heads r down side so that image become important and uncommon.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Corbett Landscape :: Magical Morning Golden Light

Corbett Landscape 
In photography sunlight role is very every photo u need proper sunlight to fill lovely color in ur frame.There are many other things to use sunlight in ur frame like this my post is about to morning golden sunlight.when u shoot in the early in the morning sunlight u can see in ur frame light color is like  a golden light.
U can use this morning golden light in various ways like landscape,mammals,birds, abstract etc.
The frame capture in morning golden light looks awesome. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Corbett Landscape

Corbett Landscape 
      Corbett national park is one of the greatest national park for landscape and mammals.Dhikala zone is one of  the best zone for landscape photography  and also for Asiatic elephant photography.You can find here everything what u need in landscape photos.The mountains, river,trees, tree trunk, grassland etc. All things in a good layer so u can frame colorful photos.  


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