Saturday, November 21, 2015

African Elephant :: The Big Five Africa

 African Elephant Family : The Big Five Africa
Africa is one of the most beautiful place for wildlife lovers. Also specially elephant lovers. Some national Parks are best places for photographers and researchers also. Researchers can  get every habitats of elephants here very easily. I visit amboseli national park in may end 2015. Here i found 50-100 elephant in a group at once so it make difficult to get all in ur one frame. But i got lots of excellent shot which i needed like groups of elephant, Solo, Potraits and specially cubs.

Rofus Gorgeted Flycatcher : Birds of Manali

 Rofus Gorgeted Flycatcher : Birs of Manali 
Flycatchers are really beautiful birds. All species have their different specification and different from other birds.Rofus Gorgeted Flycatcher is one of them.In india it found in north side as Himalayan mountain range.I got shot at manali when i was on trek of chandrakhanipass. I have not right description of it.
Binominal name : Ficedula Strophiata 
Family :Muscicapidae 

Greater Flamingo ::

 Greater Flamingo :  ( Phoenicopterus Roseus )
It is the largest species of flamingo family and also a most widespread species of flamingo family.It is found in india ,south east , middle east and africa. It is migratory bird.They also breed in india.In gujarat they breed in Rann Of kutch , Little Rann of kutch also found in Thol Bird sanctuary.I often visit Thol sanctuary so got gud shots of them. Best time for shoot them is may-jun at thol bird sanctuary bcz of water level is too low .

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flycatcher series : Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher

Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher
Also known as grey headed flycatcher.It has grey head and yellow underparts.It is about 12-13cm long.They are found in forest.In india mainly found in all forest area.They breed in summer mostly. The nest is built up by female alone.It found in India,Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Shri Lanka. I shot it in Gujarat and in Himalayas too. In gujarat i shot in Pariej Wetland and in Himalayas I shot at Manali

Flycatcher series :: Little Pied Flycatcher

 Little Pied Flycatcher
Flycatcher is a beautiful bird . there are lots of spices of them. Little pied flycatcher is found in asia , bhutan,nepal, malaysia,myanmar,laos etc. In india it found mostly in himalayan mountain range. Its color is black and white. Black on top body and white in bottom from neck to tail. Also white strip on eye and wings also.I shot it in manali

Flycatcher series : Verditer Flycatcher

Verditer Flycatcher
It is found in lower himalayas. It is blue in color and dark patch between the eyes and above the bill base.Very beautiful color to see . Generally it found on electric wires or tree tops.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher :: Indian Paradise Flycatcher

Indian Paradise Flycatcher
The name changed recently as Indian paradise Flycatcher,also known as asian paradise flycatcher (APFC). Male has long tail with long feather white rofus and black head. Female has short tail and black head.Generally found in all over India wildlife destinations. 


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