Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kathakali : Indian Classical Dance - Drama

Kathakali : Indian Classical Dance-drama
Kathakali is a classical dance drama of kerala. It is very known in world for elaborate costumes,painted faces, colorful and attractive make-ups etc. Other things to see in this drama is the movements of characters hands and eye signs. there are different meaning of each and every sign given by their hands and their eyes like some happy movements, sad movements etc. A kathakali actor using their concentration,physical stamina and skills.The language of song used in kathakali   is Manipravalam.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

People : Villager

Innocent Villager 
When i was on my trip to singalila national park one of my favorite place of outdoor traveling i m very thankful to all villagers and my crew members and also guides n porters. Without them support trip would not be success.In outdoor travelling the villagers and local peoples are really helpful to you . they give proper guidelines for travel and find good places to visit. During my trip to singalila i found many places where i can feel heaven. After this successful trip when i return n leaving singalila this boy looked at me very innocently and dont wait me to catch his photo. It is one of the best memorial photo during the trip.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Greater Spotted Eagle

Greater spotted eagle generally called spotted eagle. It belongs to Accipitridae family. Its a large bird of prey. its head and wings coverts are very dark brown.The eagle is 59 cm to 71 cm long and its wingspan is 157cm to 179 cm . its weight is aprox. 1.5kg to 2.5kg. It breeds in northern Europe and across Asia. Eagle hunts small mammals and similar. 
In india its found in middle range of india. In my state it generally found in LRK (little Rann of kutch ) Thol sanctuary, Rann Of kutch etc. where it can hunt easily small mammals.

Silhouette :

Silhouette is one of my favorite subject in photography. whenever i ll go for photography i take one or two pic of silhouette type. Sometimes i make it at home also as shown in above picture my wife and my son at sunset time at my rooftop.in this the main subject u cant see but the background color and main subject contrast i love it. i tried on some leaf taking against sun and get really awesome results as my below images.

Bar Headed Goose

Bar Headed Goose
Bar headed goose generally found in asia, It breeds in central Asia.It found many states in India during winter.In India its a winter visitor and breeds also during the month of november to april. For identification its looks simple because of it looks separate from other goose. There are black bars on head makes them different from other goose. It found in lakes and grasslands.I shoot them in Thol bird sanctuary near anand,gujarat.

Pride Of Lion

 Pride Of Lion
Africa is a dream for every wildlife photographer.Here you find everthing in wildlife. Masai mara is a widest sanctuary and also you find every mammals here.Big five of africa includes Lion,Leopard,Buffalo,Rhino and Elephant. To see lions live is amazing experience. I saw them just 10ft away while v r on safari ride. they are sitting on a road at early morning and crossing the road after sometime. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

African Elephant :: The Big Five Africa

 African Elephant Family : The Big Five Africa
Africa is one of the most beautiful place for wildlife lovers. Also specially elephant lovers. Some national Parks are best places for photographers and researchers also. Researchers can  get every habitats of elephants here very easily. I visit amboseli national park in may end 2015. Here i found 50-100 elephant in a group at once so it make difficult to get all in ur one frame. But i got lots of excellent shot which i needed like groups of elephant, Solo, Potraits and specially cubs.


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