Wednesday, September 30, 2015

African Giants :: African Elephant

African Elephant
Every wildlife photographers dream is to visit africa. Also elephant lovers has lots of places to visit like amboseli ,Botswana etc...In africa lots of wildlife sanctuaries u can visit but the most tourist attractions are Masai Mara, Tsavo , Botswana,amboseli. 
The Giants suits to elephant bcz of their large body thick skin n legs and big teeth n large ears.Their teeth weight aprox. 5kgs per teeth.There are also different species like bush elephant and forest elephant. here i saw u some cool photos of elephant taken at Amboseli national park. Also post more blog on elephant with their best of my photos and closeup shots so stay tuned .......  

View From Sandakphu

View From Sandakphu 
Sandakphu is located in west Bengal India. it is the highest peak of west Bengal. It is situated in singalila national park. U can go sandakphu by trek or by car. If u go by car u have to hire 1950's land rovers from Manebhanjang. But my suggestion is u must go by trek so u can enjoy the beauty of himalayas.Beautiful morning with clean air clean atmospher and above the cloud. Morning sun rays dropped down on Himalayan mountains is beautiful scenery.This photo taken early morning when sun not coming out but light coming so i get beautiful pink orange light with amazing landscape of himalayas. Also the cloud below so the layers of cloud u can see and that make my pic outstanding.
This frame also won 3rd prize on Baroda striker "Color of Nature " competition.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flowers :: Beauty Of Nature

Flowers are one of the most important part of Nature. They filling different colors in nature.without flowers the nature beauty u can not imagine. Different flowers with their different colors make our nature perfact and very attractive. Specially when u shoot macro and landscape u must include them into ur frame to make ur frame colorful.I Shoot most himalayan aster as above and below.


Butterfly is a beautiful insect which is all around the world.In colorful world God made colorful Butterflies with gifted bunch of colors.Millions of species of them around the world.They have beautiful wings with different colors with different patterns.Some butterflies are shy so u can shoot them easily but some are very difficult to shoot. Jessore is the great place for wildlife in gujarat.A very peaceful atmosphere for birds insects and mammals too. To make good frame in ur camera u must concentrate on ur subject and also a background.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sarus Crane :

Sarus Crane
Sarus is a large nonmigratory crane. It is the tallest flying bird.It is found in southeast Asia and Australia.It is easily identify from other cranes as it has gray color of body and red head. It is very sensitive bird.Its height up to 5 ft 11 in aprox 1.8m. it is winter visitors in gujarat. It also widely spread in India West Bengal and Assam in wetland or grasslands. Sarus forge in shallow waters and muds with their long bills.Sarus crane has loud trumpeting call. Pairs may indulge in spectacular displays of calling in unison. These include dancing movements that both male and female performing outside breeding season.The nest may be aprox 2x1 m .

Collared Falconet

Collered Falconet
It is very small falcon and in shape is like shrike.It is a species of "Birds of Pray " in a falconidae family. It is found in southeast Asia across Bangladesh,Thailand,Myanmar,Nepal,Bhutan,India,Vietnam.Its wings are pointed.Tail is rounded and medium length .The adult male has a black crown and white forehead.It is the member of genus Microhierax which are the smallest falcon. It is found in forest country aprox 5500 ft height.It roosts  and breed in old woodpecker or barbet holes in dead trees.It feed mainly insects and small species of birds.It also shy and nervous. I shot it at Corbett National Park Dhikhala forest Rest house backside.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sardar Sarovar Dam :: Kevadia Colony

The dam is on Narmada River near Kevadia Village in Gujarat. Total 30 dams planned on river Narmada but SSD(sardar sarovar dam) is biggest one and highest one . So many times there are controversial cases on 1999,2000 and 2003 but finally in 2014 the Narmada control authority approved for height changes of a dam. Narmada Dam is a gravity dam and it is a largest dam on narmada and a large hydraulic engineering and also constructions for gujarat. Near dam there are 3 different lake made and after them they made main Canal and Sub Canals for provide water for drink and irrigation in gujarat.


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